Calligraphy [DEMO]

by Shut Up & Play Dixie

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released January 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Shut Up & Play Dixie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Billy Irving-
pseudo banjo
Michael McGillen- vocals, guitar
Doug Leake- jewharp, washtub bass
Alex Kalesnik- washboard, spoons, butt
Nate Durso-
vocals, guitar

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Track Name: Holding A Head To My Gun
They call me a monster.
They say I've a screw loose.
They call me completely bonkers.
And I'm tired of their abuse.

So, I'm going to set them straight.
'Cause I'm not a total nut.
I'm not a fucking "section eight."
So they can keep their frickin' mouths shut.

I didn't want to kill him.
I didn't do what I did for fu-un.
It was all in self-defense.
Because he was holding a head to my gun.

They drag me into court.
They yell and they scream.
They lie and distort.
They crush my self-esteem.

They say that I'm a killer.
They say that I'm mad.
They say that I'm bitter.
They say that I'm ba-ad.

(spoken) Then I say


And though I'm found to be innocent,
I get thrown in to jail,
In a bright white room,
where no one else can hear me wail.

There's no escape,
and though I'm never glad,
I soon assimilate,
and accept that I'm mad.

(spoken) But I still call out